The Scholarship Jacket

The Scholarship Jacket

What is the theme of the picture book cover?

SHORT REPORT We think the bag jacket theme is that you must stand up for your rights and not indulge in discrimination against others.

By the way, what is the conflict in the bag jacket?

The conflict is that Martha wants the purse jacket because she's right for as long as she can remember. However, the principal says she will have to pay $ 15 to get the jacket or give the jacket to the contestant.

You may also be wondering: Why is the handbag jacket so important to Martha?

Marta expects to get the jacket because she got the best grades in school. The jacket is important because Marta worked hard to get it.

Who are the main characters here with the stick jacket?

The main characters are Martha, her grandfather / grandmother, the director, Mr. Boone and Mr. Schmidt. The story is about the traditional scholarship jacket that is awarded annually to an eighth grade student who has had the best / correct grades for eight years.

How is the adjustment of the wrap jacket?

The hiring takes place in a small Texas high school where traditions take place every year. This school allows you to earn a scholarship while maintaining a high GPA during the 3 years that you attend this school. Martha served because she maintained the GPA for the three years she attended.

What is the strong point of the handbag jacket?

Scholarships. The story show is a young girl named Martha who lived in Texas. The growing intrigue of the story is that she wants a handbag jacket. The climax of the story is that she listens to teachers saying that students will have to pay for coats this year.

Who is the first person narrator in your portfolio?

Supports Martha's academic achievements.

Who is the first person narrator in The Scholarship Jacket?


Who is the antagonist in the stock market?

The antagonist is Mr. Boone, his math teacher.

Who wrote the jacket of the bag?

Marta Salinas (author of The Scholarship Jacket)

Who gets the scholarship every year?

The jacket has the same symbol as a handbag. The jacket is awarded annually to the student with the best grades as a reward for her hard work.

How is the tone of the stock market?

The mood in this story changes a lot over time because she is sad and disappointed and then happy about what happened. It was the mood of the story.

The Scholarship Jacket