The Perfect Way To Get Free High Quality Backlinks

If you are new to Search Engine Optimization, you need to learn that backlinks are among the most powerful methods of generating high traffic to your website. Your PageRank will enhance noticeably if appropriately used, and your site might begin appearing in the initial pages of Google results. This article will enable you to get free top quality backlinks with anchor links relevant to your location.

What is Backlinks?

The number of backlinks pointing to your site indicates how popular your website is. I can’t stress how vital enough backlinks would be to Google Search Engine Optimization. Google ranks popular sites highly in its search results, those with many quality backlinks pointing towards them. Websites with a greater quantity of QUALITY backlinks will rank higher in search results than their aggressive sites.

Search Engines (mainly Google) compute a site’s relevance to a specific keyword by the number of QUALITY websites backlinking into the area. Hence, having quality SEO backlinks is more valuable than having hundreds of non-relevant fewer quality backlinks.

An efficient approach to get RELEVANT quality backlinks to your website is using anchor text’. Anchor text is the text in the book of the hyperlink which connects to your site. By Way of Example, if your website is about crazy dogs’, the HTML format of the backlink will be:

‘Crazy Dogs’ in the previous instance is called anchor text, relevant to your site’s content. Thus, this is known as anchor text. Therefore it’s always preferable to use a keyword (anchor text) rather than click '.

You can also use’Visit us to find more about wild dogs’ as an anchor text. To locate the sites backlinking to your website and what book is used to link to your website, you can use this free tool backlink check. If you discover a site is linking to your website but is not using a proper anchor text, then you can contact the site owner if possible to alter it. This will boost your page rank score.

PageRank is also essential for better SEO. to Do you know that a single PR1 quality backlink would be worth over a hundred PR0 backlinks, PR2 than hundred PR1 backlinks, and so on.

Now here’s how you can get three quite valuable PageRank9 backlinks:

1 - You can get a quality backlink from Google Plus.

Register in Google+ in case you haven’t done so. Then go to your profile and selected Profile’. Select ‘Around’. Click on recommended Link’ and type your anchor text in the label area and the web site address in the URL field. You can add as many websites as you want here. You could also type something in the launch’ and link with an anchor text’ link to your website. Congrats, today you’ve got a backlink from Google.

2 - Next, you can get a PageRank9 out of

Open, and register at newsgroups’. After logging in with your username/password, visit the discussion page. Look for a thread called “Your WordPress.” Start a new thread, and call it “My site” or whatever you want. Thus, leave a Wonderful keyword in the text field like this:

“Hey, Hope you’re doing great. Check my site at YOUR ANCHOR TEXT Connection. Your comments are very valued.”

Congrats, now you have another backlink from WordPress.

3 - Next, you’ll find a PageRank9 from

Open and register. In the about Me’ area, you can add the same message you employed above for WordPress. Submit your information and activate your accounts. That is it.

4 - Goto

Register, and then go to your account-preferences page. Add a similar message to the profile Description’ Area.