The Lovely Bones True Story

The Lovely Bones True Story

Are Cute Bones Based on a True Story? ۔

It seems to me that the girl with education will really be part of the story.

Yes, in part. Here is the official quote that explains the book:

When another Alice Seabold was in her new year at Syracuse University, she became brutal. He wrote about this disturbing experience in his non-fiction book, Luke, and took this extraordinary experience as the starting point for his first novel, The Lovely Bones.

The Lovely Bones is the story of Susie Salmon, who broke up at the age of 14. But instead of writing the story over and over again, Seabold tells it from Susie's point of view: the victim tells a story. It shifts the focus from stress to emotional effects. The Lovely Bones describes in great detail what was taken from this young woman and what was lost, but it also discovers in great detail and pain that this cruel and inappropriate thing has robbed her family. How spoiled His mother left him for eight years. Susie, yes, try to get it and she entered. Susie's brother and sister are inclined towards emotional retreat away from their beautiful family.

Given that Seabold is the first person to experience the lead role, it's no surprise that The Lovely Bones captures his situation so well. Surprisingly, Seabold used such detail and excellence to paint a moving portrait of a whole sick and good community, he made the series and Mr. Harvey human, but never apologized for his terrible sins. ۔

In 2004, The Lovely Bones won the Richard and Judy Award for Best Reading (British Book Awards), and a film version is currently on sale (as of January 2005).

You can read other documents online for more details, but it lists the following:

Alice Seabold was born in 1963 and raised on the outskirts of Philadelphia. He was fired as a newcomer to Syracuse University in 1981, an event that had a profound effect on his writing. At Syracuse, he studied writing with Tess Gugger and Raymond Carver, and then briefly studied at Houston University after graduating from Syracuse in 1984 before moving to Manhattan. Seabold lived there for ten years and tried to make a living as a writer.

The Lovely Bones True Story