The Fold (above The Fold)

The Fold (above The Fold)

A fold is a place on your website where the screen or browser window cuts off the page. Users cannot see this area until they scroll down the screen, and search engines rate content above the folding area.

Literal Meanings of The Fold (above The Fold)


Sentences of The
  1. Priced at half a pound a bushel at seven dollars a year interest.


Meanings of Fold:
  1. The act of folding.

  2. Fold or wrinkle.

  3. Any correct move in origami.

  4. (Newspapers) Separation between the top and bottom half of a broadsheet newspaper: The headlines at the top of the page are read at the newsstand, usually on the page.

  5. (by extension) The division between the part of a web page that is visible in a web browser window without scrolling, usually a wrinkle.

  6. What folds, or what wraps or hugs.

  7. Bending or curvature of one or more initially flat and planar surfaces, such as B. Sediment layers, due to plastic (i.e. permanent) deformation.

  8. In functional programming, any function in a family of higher order functions that acts recursively on a data structure to obtain a value.

  9. Some of the source code can be hidden in the editor to improve readability.

  10. Bend (any thin material such as paper) until it contacts itself.

  11. Get the correct position (on thin material) by bending.

  12. Fold to make pleats.

  13. Fall to be crushed.

  14. Insert the crossed arms (see also the envelope).

  15. Give in to a point of view or argument.

  16. Refuse to bid.

  17. (by extension) Retiring or stepping down altogether.

  18. Mix gently with a folding motion.

  19. Of the company to stop trading.

  20. Fold in half or add as arms or hands.

  21. Use it to cover or wrap to hide.

  22. A corral or paddock for sheep or other pets.

  23. (collective) A group of sheep or goats.

  24. Home, family.

  25. Ecclesiastical community, group of people belonging to the same faith who usually attend a particular temple, the Christian church as a whole, the flock of Christ.

  26. A group of people who share ideas or goals, live or work together.

  27. Edge or edge.

  28. Put the animals in a stable.

  29. Country country country country.

Sentences of Fold
  1. After two consecutive re-raises, John realized his best bet was probably to fold.

  2. Folding the sheets makes it easier to put them in the drawer.

  3. Cardboard doesn't bend that easily.

  4. The chair sagged under its enormous weight.

  5. Since there were no more hearts on the river and he had no chance of making a straight, he folded.

  6. Stir the egg white into the batter.

  7. The company folded after six quarters of negative growth.

  8. She crossed her arms defiantly.

Synonyms of Fold

creasing, flock, bend, congregation, pen, penfold, enclosure, pinfold, bending, home, cohort, family, crease


Meanings of Above:
  1. Paradise.

  2. Something, especially a person's name in legal documents that appears on the same page or above the previous page.

  3. Upper body.

  4. Increased upgrade, status or condition.

  5. From the heavenly sky.

  6. (with ellipsis) To go to the same page or to the previous page.

  7. Directly from above, vertically from above.

  8. Earlier in the writing order of the goods, higher on the same page.

  9. To heaven or from heaven to heaven.

  10. At a point upstream.

  11. The highest in rank, power or position.

  12. Near.

  13. More in numbers.

  14. Greater than zero Greater than zero.

  15. In the top half or back of the animal.

  16. Physically tired, judging by the clothes.

  17. On or to a point higher than on or above the top surface.

  18. North that.

  19. The elevation is displayed out of range in the elevation direction.

  20. More than better than surpassing in every way more in measure, measure, volume or tone, etc., than out of reach, unaffected, probably unaffected by negative actions or thoughts.

  21. The highest in rank, status or position.

  22. Quantity or quantity exceeds more.

  23. Preferably k.

  24. Too proud to bow reluctantly.

  25. Beyond the other side.

  26. Behind the scenes.

Sentences of Above
  1. He's in a better place now, floating as the clouds above him.

  2. He appealed to the Supreme Court.

  3. It was a cold day just after 5am.

  4. The sparrow I saw was red above and cream below.

  5. She always wore her coat over her sweater.

  6. Idaho is located above Utah.

  7. Even the chief of police is not without suspicion.

  8. Stand with your head and shoulders above others.

  9. Beyond debt.

  10. This amount is significantly higher than our bid price.

  11. The owner would ask for more than the imaginary salary.

The Fold (above The Fold)