The Cloud

The Cloud,

The Cloud:

  1. An IT service delivery model in which resources are retrieved from the Internet through web-related applications and tools rather than a direct connection to the server. These services are provided by data centers around the world, collectively called the Cloud.

Literal Meanings of The Cloud


Meanings of The:
  1. Identify one or more people or things that have been mentioned or are generally known.

  2. It is used to indicate the next qualification or definition clause or phrase.

  3. It is used to give a general reference to something rather than to identify a particular example.

  4. Coffee (especially one thing)

  5. (Pronounced with an emphasis on "O") Used to indicate who is the most famous or important person or person in that name or category.

  6. It is used with comparisons to show how one quantity or degree of one thing differs from another.

Sentences of The
  1. what's the problem?

  2. The noise that makes them

  3. He learns to play the violin alone

  4. I hope to post every month if I can find some money.

  5. She is a passionate young jazz pianist

  6. The more I think about it, the more it destroys

Synonyms of The

the outset, the commencement, the beginning, the start, the very beginning


Meanings of Cloud:
  1. (From the sky) covered with clouds.

  2. Make it less clear or transparent.

  3. (Face or eyes) indicates anxiety, sadness or anger.

  4. A mass of dense water vapor floating in the air, usually above the ground.

  5. A state or cause of sadness, doubt, confusion, or anxiety.

  6. A networked computer facility that provides remote storage and data processing over the Internet.

Sentences of Cloud
  1. The blue sky suddenly turns dark

  2. Blood pump, water stir

  3. His expression fell into darkness

  4. The sun disappeared behind the clouds

  5. Dark clouds are hanging over your life

  6. Once connected to cloud storage, you can upload files there and share them with others.

Synonyms of Cloud

threat, shadow, lour, menace, blight, spectre, cloud over, dim, make murky, become cloudy, make cloudy, become gloomy, darken, become overcast, blacken, dirty, grow dim