The Best Steam Games You Can Beat in Under 10 Hours

We all love playing RPG, but everyone doesn’t have enough time to spend on playing these games. What if we tell you that we are going to solve this issue for the people who don’t have 50 to 100 hours to play RPG? Yes, you heard it right! We are going to mention here some best steam games that you can beat in under 10 hours. Now you don’t have to spend more than 10 hours on epic RPG as you have a great list of the best team games. With no further ado, let’s dive into it and iron out the best steam games for you! Also, make sure to visit our [Quantagames] gaming blog for more exciting and unique gaming trivia.

The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable is a game you feel like. It’s merely the illusion that players in a game scenario have a preference. This examines all kinds of questions relating to control and free will in a finite interactive space and leaves you wondering whether it is even possible for you to express yourself in a world where an omniscient creator has previously mapped up all your circumstances. and, you are to go through the story under these set conditions

Stanley’s search for his missing coworker begins with the story, and immediately afterwards you get to choose one of two doors. From here, the many directions of the game diverge, and you get frustrated at any turn to crack the parameters. However, disobeying is yet another decision that you make, and you’re mindful that you’re still one step behind the creative designer.

Far Cry 3: blood dragon:

Far cry 3 is the perfect game for you if you’re a lover of stressed stretching games. The sound and visual effects are useful when we speak about the technical specialties of this game. Throughout the round, you won’t feel bored for one second. Far cry 3 is an unbelievable game in which several story missions are offered to you. The great thing about Far Cry 3 is that you can finish it in 5 hours, meaning you don’t have to wait 50 to 100 hours.


We also love to play arcade and action sports, one of which is the ‘Portal’. Its gameplay brings you through the science Lab to check out the portal weapons. It is high on the list of well-constructed games. You will use the pistol to fire two portals, and this force must be used to win through the various laboratories. At the very beginning of the game, you are waiting for several challenges in the form of puzzles, hostile towers and obstacles dependent on movements. This game can easily be played and completed in less than 10 hours, and then you all have to play Portal 2, which is slightly longer than that.

Golf story:

One of the best pc golf games of all times. This time, instead of the football stadium, Mario will greet you at the golf court. As we have already promised before all the games on the list were impressive, we are now again upholding our pledge by saying that this golf is not a regular golf game. It is essentially an RPG, but without the everyday rotational battle. Thus, the character can use golf-fighter tactics to fight the enemies in this game, and this will be a popular favourite between golf lovers and RPG lovers. Is it not appealing? Why not give it a try!

## Shovel knight:

This game is high on the list of this generation’s greatest Indie games since it brings us back to the retros such as DuckTales, Super Mario, and Mega Man. Imagine adding three of the features in a platforming game together. It’s all about shovel knight. Four campaigns have been kept in the treasury of the shovel knight, and any drive takes less than 10 hours to finish. In every movement, you can come across a new playable character and a unique style of play. If you want to experience a well-done experience, try it!

Gato Roboto:

If you want to play retro graphics games, you will enjoy this black and white theme game. In this video, you must play a scientist cat who hits an alien world and must survive. You don’t have the power to keep yourself protected from the enemies while you are navigating in various places, but thanks to the mech suit which enables you to get firepower. The great thing about this game is to finish it in just 4-5 hours rather than 50 hours. You’ll visit some shaded areas as you navigate through the title, and you’ll also earn enhancements that change the graphic philtre. This game is worth playing for the long storey short.


You’ll enjoy this game if you’ve been playing portal. It is an exciting game in which you can share your consciousness between bodies. It’s a fantastic 2D puzzle game throughout the atmosphere. To complete the game stages, you need to use your swapping strength. Anything about this game is worth appreciating, from the sound effects to the visual graphics. The game has fantastic puzzles, and it’s up to you know how long you’ve finished the game. In general, people end the game in just 5-6 hours. If you look forward to playing the best steam games within 10 hours, you can try once.


Superhot became the most entertaining game of the year, and it introduced more than impressive gameplay. Although it’s a sniper game, the conventional shooter game doesn’t. One thing that’s interesting about this game is that it’s just when you switch that time. In this game, detailed polygonal graphics reflect the elements of the game. You can see the things around you clearly in black and white, but the monsters are red so you can capture them easily. It is an easy-to-move style game built to satisfy the hour of boredom! Don’t regret the choice you’ll make; give it a try!