The Assumption Song Lyrics

The Assumption Song Lyrics

What is the text of the amputation song? 3

I know it's like a farmer living on a rock ...

But what are the words?

Although there are many variations because it is a popular song, the YouTube video version is:

He was an old farmer who lived on a rock.

He was sitting in the grass and trembling ...

A handful of different people through Kirk

Your feet in the water, your hands ...

Marble and toys and three-thirty

There is a young woman who looks like this.

The beautiful young creature is sitting on the gr.

She pulled on the dress and put it on.

Ruffles, laces and plush and

He said he was learning a new way ...

Educate your children so they don't.

While the boys fight in the cage.

Yes, recess and garbage

When the girl in the cage rubbed it ...

Look at the boy near the pier

He looks like a man.

I am in the field with the fence in front.

If he asks politely, he will trade for it.

Small pets are custom made.

And then he let her catch ...

Small, smooth hands with such rapid movement

And then he bowed down to them.

Sweets are very good and erscotch.

And then she rubs them all with whipped cream ...

The cake he left on the shelf.

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I know it's like a farmer living on a rock ...

But what are these words?


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The Assumption Song Lyrics