Thanks Though

Thanks Though

What does Merci Tugh mean? Does tug mean anything else here? 3

I do not agree with the five answers. Expressing gratitude, tugh can mean many things, many of which are explained in five ... but in some cases it is often difficult to understand the true meaning unless you have more information and accent. Don't be And language and often it will be very helpful to understand what that person is trying to say. Sometimes it's really sincere: you get good advice or a gift from someone who doesn't help you, but you appreciate the power and emotion that goes with the gift or advice:

It wasn't really what I was looking for, but I still appreciated the appeal!

Sometimes it's ironic: it's usually easier to understand based on the tone of voice used.

Sometimes it is an expression of frustration or regret.

Situation, other information provided, and non-verbal communication elements such as language and tone of voice ...

Thanks for the offer, but I don't care.

No, but thanks!


Person A Do you want X?

Person B No. Thank you very much!

Thanks, though I don't want to.

tugh can use the word altugh in this sentence. Comparison

It's like thank you, even if (for whatever reason) it's not worth it.

On the other hand, one can compare rudeness with a word.

Thanks Though

Thanks Though

I would interpret it as if it doesn't work, but thanks for trying.

/ of the

It's like saying thank you but not thank you.

Thanks Though

Thanks Though

Recognitions are given even if they are inappropriate.

Thank you very much

Thanks Though