Thank You For Being Patient

Thank You For Being Patient

Is this sentence, thank you for your patience, inappropriate or offensive? 3

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Thank you for your patience!


Thank you for your patience

Some have argued that the word patient is used to refer to someone they know and that it is not appropriate to thank them for their patience because one might be angry and say I am sick.

it's fine?

Both were fine, but the other felt smooth. An ally * A * is a patient (noun), while a patient is an adjective in a sentence with a different meaning.

Thanks for your patience, this is also very fair and accurate. Reward people for the quality of their patients. This last sentence is not so simple.

Furthermore, in the first sentence, the patient does not point to the person who is in bed. It will only make a difference if you are grateful for the patience. A patient as a whole should always be measured as one patient or many patients etc. Audi will thank others for their patience. This is common sense


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Both are good, but the other looks even better.

Patience means using the character of patience.

Being sick means you are getting medical help.

As long as they spoke clearly, no one had a way of accepting both.

The word patient is an adjective and means ...

1. Calm, Random, Steadfast, Hardworking, Tolerant, Forgiving, Forgiving, Irrelevant (Oxford Dictionary & Thessaurs 111)

Oxford Adv. In Students Dictionary, patient refers to a sick person who is treated immediately by a doctor.

Sounds good thanks to your patience, but both can be used. In other words, you are not saying patient, so it should not be offensive.

Thank You For Being Patient

Thank You For Being Patient

Thank you for your patience

The second may be better, but the patient has two senses.

Thank you for your patience

Thank you for your patience

Thank you for your patience.

Thank You For Being Patient