Tg Tf Meaning

Tg Tf Meaning

What do TG girls mean?

TG girls (plural TG girls) (LGBT, slang) A transgender, transsexual, or transgender person.

What does the term T-girl mean here?

TS girls (plural TS girls) (LGBT, slang) A non-female transsexual. (Medicine) It is not used in a figurative or idiomatic sense: see TS, fille. (A girl with a condition such as Turner syndrome or Tourette syndrome who initiated TS.

)What does it also mean to be cisgender?

Cisgender (sometimes cissexual, often abbreviated to cis) is a term used for people whose gender identity matches the gender assigned at birth. For example, someone who identifies as female and is born with a woman is a cisgender woman. The term cisgender is the opposite of the word transgender.

What does TG TF mean in this context?

The interest. TGTF. Thank God tomorrow. show slang definitions only / Internet slang (show all 2 definitions) Note: We have another definition for TGTF in our acronym Loft.

What are the medical terms of TS?

Bourneville tuberous sclerosis (ST) or tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) is a rare genetic disorder that causes malignant or benign tumors to grow in the brain, other vital organs and skin. Sclerosis means hardening of the tissue, and the tubers are root-shaped growths.

What does TG mean in sizes?

very big

What do you represent in Lgbtqu?

Some people use LGBT + to refer to LGBT and related communities. LGBTQIA is sometimes used by adding queer, intersex and asexual to the basic concept. Other variants may have a U for insecurity, a C for curious, another T for transvestites, an ST or 2 for bisexual people, or an SA for heterosexual allies.

What does Q mean in LGBTQ?

lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual

What do you say cisgender?

The term cisgender (pronounced sisgender) refers to people whose gender identity and expression correspond to the biological gender assigned to them at birth. Musician Moby, for example, said he was a normal, cisgender, straight man.

What does 2 mean in lgbtq2?

What is a non-binary person?

Non-binary or genderqueer is a set of gender identities that are not exclusively male or female - identities that do not fit into the binary character of gender. Non-binary identities can fall under the term transsexual, as many non-binary people identify with a gender other than the one assigned to them.

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Tg Tf Meaning