Definition of Textile:

  1. Used by nudists to describe someone wearing clothes, especially on a beach.

  2. A type of cloth or woven fabric.

  3. Used by nudists to describe something relating to or restricted to people wearing clothes.

  4. Relating to fabric or weaving.

  5. A type of material composed of natural or synthetic fibers. Types of textiles include animal-based material such as wool or silk, plant-based material such as linen and cotton, and synthetic material such as polyester and rayon. Textiles are often associated with the production of clothing.

Synonyms of Textile

Braided, Cloth, Drapery, Dry goods, Enlaced, Entwined, Etoffe, Fabric, Felt, Fretted, Goods, Handwoven, Interknit, Interlaced, Interthreaded, Intertied, Intertissued, Intertwined, Interwoven, Knit, Lace, Laced, Leather goods, Leatherware, Linens, Loomed, Material, Napery, Plaited, Platted, Pleached, Raddled, Rag, Silk, Soft goods, Sporting goods, Sportswear, Stuff, Textile fabric, Textiles, Texture, Tissu, Tissue, Twined, Weave, Web, Weft, White goods, Woof, Wool, Woven, Wreathed, Yard goods, Fabric, Cloth, Material

How to use Textile in a sentence?

  1. If you are in the industrial field you will probably work with a textile and then try to sell it to your customers.
  2. A fascinating range of pottery, jewelry, and textiles.
  3. The big textile plant opened up and started hiring in Erics home town making shirts, pants, bed sheets, and socks.
  4. The textile industry.
  5. She purchased very expensive, red, silk textile s, for the evening gown she designed. she had the fabric imported from Italy.

Meaning of Textile & Textile Definition

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