What to call or call Taxlog Carrier?

I have confidence through LENE>

Telephone. : (11) 46881320

I called and he answered.

Well, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first.

Soon I will try to contact the tax, not myself.

I call her 3346/5152 very well educated woman :(, didn't come and tell her and left her face.

This is how these phones work.

Taxlog is even more trash!

This career a *****. They are very relaxed as consumers. It doesn't make sense ...

How does a famous or extra brand work like a famous van with minimal customer care and no contact available by phone or chat? Too bad your assistant is doing terrible too! But you have less information about who you are than the customer. Jáenti flirted through all these successful seminars !!!! Garage service !!!!!