I need someone to find the TDCJ number {free} I have the name and date of birth where can I go 2 Can I find it? Link?

Texas Department of Justice Information @ http: //www.tdcj.state.tx.us/offender_inifications.h ...:

Cruel information

Criminal whereabouts / general information can now be accessed online. Guilty questions can be asked by phone or email.

Click on the link:

General information about the offender only (location / crime / release plan date)

Just a matter of decision and question

Criminal questions and issues

Can't find culprit in TDCJ.

Telephone consultation: The following offices are open from 8 a.m. 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Outl Pro Probation Pathway Austin, 5124065202 or Tasweel, 9362912106. Must be TCDJ or SID #.

Tsville Criminal Locator / General Information Line, 9362956371 or 8005350283.

* Note: If you do not know the offender's TDCJ or SID number, you must provide the exact date of the offender's number when conducting a telephone inquiry.

General information about the culprit only: Online search link

o Email inquiries: The following information is available (including the one you requested in your email):

TDCJ number

Stealing location

Violation of fines

Date of Detention: Crime, District and Courts

Crimes for which the perpetrator was previously arrested

Current Detention: Criminal, District and Criminal Courts

Estimation date (see definition below)

Send the name and number 7 of the offender in TDCJ to [email protected] If you do not know your TDCJ number, please provide the correct date (if the date of death is not known, please provide your estimated age and the date of the country in which you were sentenced) ۔

** Include aggressor name in email title **

There is no charge for this service. Social security programs and numbers will not be released to the public.

Other parts: Test questions and issues

Offenders not covered by the TDCJ process:

Estimated release date

(Information as of August 10, 2009)

Information on the release date of the TDCJ prisoner



Find CDJ criminals

Their website is www.tdcj.state.tx.us and click Find the Criminals.

The culprit's information first appears on instant contacts on this site.