Definition of Testing:

  1. Quality control means by which the capability of a manufactured item to meet its specified requirements is determined and documented by subjecting the item to a set of operating conditions.

  2. Revealing a persons capabilities by putting them under strain; challenging.

Synonyms of Testing

R and D, Analytic, Control, Control experiment, Controlled experiment, Cut and try, Cut-and-try, Empirical, Empiricism, Examinational, Examinatorial, Examining, Experiment, Experimental, Experimental design, Experimental method, Experimental proof, Experimentalism, Experimentation, Explorational, Explorative, Exploratory, Fact-finding, Feeling, Groping, Heuristic, Hit and miss, Hit-or-miss, Indagative, Inspectional, Inspectorial, Investigational, Investigative, Investigatory, Noble experiment, Pilot, Pragmatism, Probationary, Probative, Probatory, Proving, Provisional, Research and development, Rule of thumb, Tentative, Tentative method, Tentativeness, Test, Trial, Trial and error, Trial-and-error, Trying, Verificatory, Zetetic

How to use Testing in a sentence?

  1. After rigorous testing , it was determined that the tennis ball machine was winding its chords too tightly, causing the balls to perform poorly.
  2. The child kept testing the dog by letting it smell his hot dog and quickly pulling it away before the dog had a chance for a bite.
  3. A group of scientists were testing a new theory that could enable humans to travel at the speed of light.

Meaning of Testing & Testing Definition