Definition of Testimony:

  1. Formal written or oral statements, especially those given in court.

  2. Statement of a competent witness during the trial as proof of the accuracy of your statement (under oath or in writing)

Synonyms of Testimony

Averment, Witness, Disclosure, Proof, Authentication, Attest, Avouchment, Attestation, Documentation, Affidavit, Swearing, Profession, Allegation, Illustration, Sworn statement, Statement under oath, Affirmation, Affidavit, Demonstration, Testimonium, Vouching, Testament, Testimonial, Sworn evidence, Statement, Asseveration, Sworn statement, Avowal, Evidence, Instrument in proof, Corroboration, Evidence, Compurgation, Attestation, Deposition, Information, Summation, Substantiation, Assertion, Claim, Verification, Legal evidence, Admission, Declaration, Confirmation, Word, Argument, Sworn testimony, Summing up, Notarized statement, Certification

How to use Testimony in a sentence?

  1. According to this view, a strong case is the testimony of an eyewitness.

Meaning of Testimony & Testimony Definition


How Do You Define Testimony?

  1. You can define Testimony as, Testimony of sworn witness. This does not include documentary evidence and other material evidence.


Testimony means,

Testimony refers to Testimony under oath. No evidence of action or other physical evidence is included.

Meanings of Testimony

  1. An official written or oral statement, especially in court.

Sentences of Testimony

  1. A testimony

Synonyms of Testimony

protestation, submission