Definition of Test:

  1. Examination, evaluation, observation, or trial used (under actual or simulated environmental or operating conditions) to determine and document (1) capabilities, characteristics, effectiveness, reliability, and/or suitability of a material, product, or system, or the (2) ability, aptitude, behavior, skill level, knowledge, or performance of a person.

  2. A procedure intended to establish the quality, performance, or reliability of something, especially before it is taken into widespread use.

  3. A movable hearth in a reverberating furnace, used for separating gold or silver from lead.

  4. Take measures to check the quality, performance, or reliability of (something), especially before putting it into widespread use or practice.

Synonyms of Test

Bernreuter personality inventory, Binet-Simon test, Brown personality inventory, Goldstein-Sheerer test, IQ, IQ test, Kent mental test, Minnesota preschool scale, Olympic games, Olympics, Oseretsky test, Pap test, Rorschach test, Stanford revision, Stanford-Binet test, Szondi test, TAT, Wechsler-Bellevue intelligence scale, Achievement test, Acid test, Alpha test, Analysis, Anatomic diagnosis, Apperception test, Aptitude test, Armor, Assay, Assess, Association test, Audit, Audition, Barometer, Beta test, Biological diagnosis, Biopsy, Blank determination, Blue book, Bout, Bring to test, Brouillon, Canon, Catechize, Check, Check and doublecheck, Check out, Check over, Check up on, Chitin, Clinical diagnosis, Collate, Concours, Confirm, Contest, Controlled association test, Cortex, Criterion, Cross-check, Crucial test, Crucible, Cut and try, Cut-and-try, Cytodiagnosis, Degree, Demonstrate, Derby, Determination, Diagnosis, Differential diagnosis, Digital examination, Docimasy, Double-check, Electrocardiography, Electroencephalography, Electromyography, Elytron, Empirical, Encounter, Engagement, Episperm, Essay, Evaluate, Evaluation, Exam, Examen, Examination, Examine, Experiment, Experimental, Experimentation, Feeling out, Fight, Final, Final examination, First draft, Free association test, Game, Games, Gauge, Give a try, Give a tryout, Go, Graduated scale, Great go, Gymkhana, Have a go, Hearing, Heuristic, Hit-or-miss, Honors, Inkblot test, Intelligence quotient, Intelligence test, Interest inventory, Interrogate, Interview, Investigation, Joust, Kiteflying, Laboratory diagnosis, Lorica, Lorication, Mail, Mammography, Match, Matching, Measure, Meet, Meeting, Mental test, Midsemester, Midterm, Model, Norm, Oral, Oral examination, Ordeal, Parameter, Pattern, Pericarp, Personality test, Physical diagnosis, Physical examination, Pilot, Plate, Play around with, Postmortem diagnosis, Practice upon, Prelim, Probation, Probationary, Probative, Probatory, Probe, Proof, Protective covering, Prove, Proving, Provisional, Psychological test, Pump, Put to trial, Quantity, Query, Question, Quiz, Rally, Reading, Readout, Recheck, Rencontre, Research, Road-test, Rough draft, Rough sketch, Rule, Run a sample, Sample, Scale, Scute, Scutum, Serodiagnosis, Shake down, Shell, Shield, Smear, Sounding out, Speculative, Standard, Standardized test, Study, Substantiate, Take-home examination, Taste, Tentative, Test case, Testa, Testing, Thematic apperception test, Thick skin, Tilt, Touchstone, Tournament, Tourney, Trial, Trial-and-error, Triple-check, Tripos, Try, Try it on, Try out, Trying, Type, Urinalysis, Uroscopy, Validate, Value, Verification, Verificatory, Verify, Viva, Word association test, Work-up, Worm out of, Written, Written examination, Yardstick, Trial, Experiment, Pilot study, Try-out, Try out, Trial, Carry out trials on, Put to the test, Put through its paces, Experiment with, Pilot

How to use Test in a sentence?

  1. Sometimes you may need to put your workers through a test to make sure they fully understand the job at hand,.
  2. Sometimes you may need to test your skills to make sure you can still handle the jobs that you need to accomplish.
  3. When fully prepared, the test is allowed to dry, and is then placed in a furnace, constructed in all respects like a common reverberator) furnace, except that a space is left open in the bed of it to receive the test, and that the width of the arch is much reduced.
  4. This range has not been tested on animals.
  5. After studying diligently, Alice successfully passed her real estate test with flying colors, showing she had the knowledge and skill needed to sell real estate and process transactions.
  6. No sparking was visible during the tests.

Meaning of Test & Test Definition

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Test Meanings:

  1. The definition of Test is: Criteria for measuring compliance with the requirements of reliable financial metrics and other LOAN agreements

Meanings of Test

  1. Take steps to test the quality, performance, and reliability of (something), especially before it is generalized or put into practice.

  2. A process used to determine the quality, performance, or reliability of an item, especially before it is deployed.

  3. An eco-furnace uses a mobile stove to separate gold or silver from tons.

  4. Some invertebrates and hard outer layer of protozoa carapace or skin, especially foraminifera cactus carapace or circuit.

Sentences of Test

  1. This limit has not been tested on animals.

  2. No sparks are visible during the test

  3. When the preparation is complete, the test is allowed to dry and then placed in the oven (the regular hall is made in every way like an oven), with the exception that the test and the width of the arc There is open space left on the test bench to adjust. Is too small

  4. Shell proofs have been reinstalled, but the original jewelry is preserved in great detail.

Synonyms of Test

lick , catechism , blue book , inquest , shibboleth , search , trial , standard , probing , assessment , preliminary , yardstick , analysis , proof , attempt , probation , elimination , dry run , scrutiny , confirmation , go


Definition of Test:

  1. Test means: Criteria used to measure the trust's financial measurement requirements and compliance with other credit arrangements.

Meanings of Test

  1. The process used to determine the quality, performance, or reliability of something, especially before it spreads.

  2. Test game acronym

  3. The stove operates in an eco-furnace used to separate gold or silver from lead.

  4. Take steps to verify quality, performance, or (anything) reliability, especially before generalizing.

  5. Some inexperienced and protozoan shells or integrations, especially the hard outer shell of limestone shell foraminifera or tonics.

Sentences of Test

  1. Both countries conducted a nuclear test in May.

Synonyms of Test

scrutinize, screen test, scrutinization, investigate, inspection, appraise, screen, appraisal, explore, screening, analyse, exploration