Test case

Test case,

Definition of Test case:

  1. A specific executable test that examines all aspects including inputs and outputs of a system and then provides a detailed description of the steps that should be taken, the results that should be achieved, and other elements that should be identified. Steps explained in a test case include all details even if it they are assumed to be common knowledge. Test cases are used as a technical explanation and reference guide for systems.

  2. A case that sets a precedent for other cases involving the same question of law.

Synonyms of Test case

Acid test, Assay, Blank determination, Brouillon, Criterion, Crucial test, Crucible, Determination, Docimasy, Essay, Feeling out, First draft, Kiteflying, Ordeal, Probation, Proof, Rough draft, Rough sketch, Sounding out, Standard, Test, Touchstone, Trial, Try, Verification

How to use Test case in a sentence?

  1. Me and my dad determined that the system would require a test case , that would help it in the long run.
  2. The test case was referenced during the business meeting between the shareholders and the analysts handling the new and likely profitable project.
  3. Sometimes it may be best to try a small test case before you get to deep into a project and put out to much risk.
  4. This trial could serve as an important test case for the way copyright holders presently pursue alleged infringers.

Meaning of Test case & Test case Definition

Test Case,

Definition of Test Case:

  1. Test Case can be defined as, The term litigation is used to describe the litigation that creates it and sets the precedent for similar cases in the future.

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Meanings of Test:
  1. Determine the quality, performance or reliability of a process, especially before it is widely used.

  2. The stove goes into a restoration furnace, which separates gold or silver from lead.

  3. Take steps to test the quality, performance or reliability of (something), especially before putting it into practice or using it extensively.

  4. The hard outer shell shell or identification of some invertebrates and protozoa, or especially foraminifera limestone shell or circuit.

Sentences of Test
  1. No sparks were seen during the investigation

  2. When the test is fully prepared, it can be dried and placed in the oven, which is similar to a normal hall oven in all respects, except that there is an open space left on the test bench and the width of the arch. not enough. .

  3. This area has never been tested on animals

  4. The shell proof has been reinstalled, but the original jewelry is preserved in great detail.

Synonyms of Test

experiment, pilot study, put through its paces, experiment with, put to the test, try-out, carry out trials on, pilot, try out


Meanings of Case:
  1. An example of a particular situation, an example of what is happening.

  2. Examples of diseases or disorders.

  3. Litigation, especially court decisions.

  4. A curved form of a noun, adjective, or pronoun that expresses the semantic relationship of a word to another word in a sentence.

  5. Container that contains or is designed to protect something.

  6. The letters of the alphabet can be used to write or print, there are two shapes, upper or lower case letters.

  7. Surround yourself with matter or matter.

  8. Know the location before stealing.

Sentences of Case
  1. Incorrect identification case

  2. 200,000 cases of hepatitis B

  3. A matter of contempt

  4. Blame game

  5. Place the trumpet securely on the velvet cover

  6. In some cases, mixed resources work.

  7. The tower is made of steel covered with granite

Synonyms of Case

exposition, coat, cartridge, demonstration, exhibition, form, receptacle, action, instance, litigation, encase, inspect, legal proceedings, envelop, make an observation of, cassette, suit at law, investigate, holder, patient, surround