TESSAs (Tax Exempt Special Savings Accounts)

TESSAs (Tax Exempt Special Savings Accounts),

How To Define TESSAs (Tax Exempt Special Savings Accounts)?

A simple definition of TESSAs (Tax Exempt Special Savings Accounts) is: A bank account or mortgage company offering interest, profits and tax-free bonuses as long as the account lasts for a fixed period of five years. The TSA was replaced by the Individual Savings Account (ISA) in 1999 to save on tax savings in the medium and long term.

Literal Meanings of TESSAs (Tax Exempt Special Savings Accounts)


Meanings of TESSAs:
  1. A special tax-free savings account (in the UK) that allows savers to invest a certain amount in a bank or mortgage company without paying any interest, as long as the principal has this account for five years. I will remain (replaced by ISA in 1999)).

Sentences of TESSAs
  1. Tax-exempt investments, such as Tessas and individual savings accounts, do not need to be reported to the tax authorities or registered in any way.


Meanings of Tax:
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Meanings of Exempt:
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  3. This restriction applies to Spec Specific Savings for Chemist and Dental Protection.

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