Tesco Bike Pump

Tesco Bike Pump

Can you fill the air at the Tesco gas station? 3

I lost my ■■■■ :(

In public you can. So ■■■■■ with me

There are basically three different types of valves. The most common is the Schrader valve. It is mainly used in car tires, sometimes also in bicycle tires. Maybe at the gas station. They are much wider than the other 2 valves.

The second is the Presta valve. Thinner than 2. Sometimes a valve adapter may be needed to pump it. Often used for bicycles.

The third is the Dunlop (or Woods) valve. Something like a Presta Valve. And the maximum pressure is 50 psi. Often used in the Netherlands and Germany.

Gas pumps are very powerful and are used to pump large, high-capacity tires faster. Underneath the car tire is the bicycle tire, which has the most air?

If you don't react immediately to the ■■■■ ... your pipes will burst and maybe your tires. And it will disappoint you.

I saw people doing this and the ■■■■■■■■■ was as loud as it was in St. Petersburg.

My advice, buy another ■■■■. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

Tesco tires.

Tesco at the pump

Tesco Bike Pump