What is The Definition of Terrorism?

  • Terrorism refers to The use of violence to create terrorism for political or ideological purposes. Terrorism is different from war because it does not have to become a military power or be directed by an independent force. Overseas acts of terrorism can be classified as a threat of irreparable damage under the Terrorist Threat Insurance Act (TRIA).

  • Terrorism definition is: Terrorism is the deliberate use of violence or intimidation to achieve a particular outcome. They are usually motivated by some form of political or religious ideology, or simply by individuals or groups that cause destruction or seek to achieve goals through destruction and / or violence.

    In the insurance context, it is very difficult to assess terrorism in terms of risk and determine the appropriate premium for it. Therefore, you specifically exclude many types of accident and liability insurance from your coverage. In some cases, however, it may help protect terrorists.

  • A simple definition of Terrorism is: This includes criminal acts against civilians with intent to cause death or severe bodily harm, or to take hostages for the purpose of inciting terrorism in public or in a group. Individuals or persons who threaten a population or force the government of an international organization to act or not to act.

Meanings of Terrorism

  1. Illegal use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, for political purposes.

Sentences of Terrorism

  1. The war on terror