Definition of Territory:

  1. Geographical region in which a distributor, franchisee, or a sales representative can sell his or her goods or services.

  2. (especially in the US, Canada, or Australia) an organized division of a country that is not yet admitted to the full rights of a state.

  3. An area of land under the jurisdiction of a ruler or state.

  4. An area of knowledge, activity, or experience.

Synonyms of Territory

Kreis, Lebensraum, Acres, Air space, Airspace, Alluvion, Alluvium, Ally, Ambit, Arable land, Archbishopric, Archdiocese, Archduchy, Archdukedom, Area, Arrondissement, Back country, Bailiwick, Belt, Bishopric, Body politic, Borough, Buffer state, Canton, Captive nation, Champaign, Chieftaincy, Chieftainry, City, City-state, Clay, Clear space, Clearance, Clearing, Clod, Colony, Commonweal, Commonwealth, Commune, Confines, Congressional district, Constablewick, Constituency, Continental shelf, Corridor, Country, County, Crust, Demesne, Departement, Department, Desert, Diocese, Dirt, Distant prospect, District, Division, Domain, Dominion, Dry land, Duchy, Dukedom, Dust, Earldom, Earth, Electoral district, Electorate, Empery, Empire, Empty view, Environs, Footing, Free city, Freehold, Glade, Glebe, Government, Grand duchy, Grassland, Ground, Hamlet, Heartland, Hinterland, Hundred, Kingdom, Land, Landholdings, Lithosphere, Living space, Magistracy, Mandant, Mandate, Mandated territory, Mandatee, Mandatory, Marginal land, Marl, Metropolis, Metropolitan area, Milieu, Mold, Nation, Nationality, Neighborhood, Oblast, Offshore rights, Okrug, Open country, Open space, Orbit, Outback, Parish, Part, Parts, Patch, Place, Plain, Polis, Polity, Possession, Power, Prairie, Precinct, Precincts, Premises, Principality, Principate, Protectorate, Province, Puppet government, Puppet regime, Purlieu, Purlieus, Quarter, Real estate, Real property, Realm, Region, Regolith, Republic, Riding, Salient, Satellite, Section, Sector, Seneschalty, Settlement, Sheriffalty, Sheriffwick, Shire, Shrievalty, Sod, Soil, Soke, Sovereign nation, Space, Sphere, Sphere of influence, Stake, Stamping ground, State, Steppe, Subaerial deposit, Subsoil, Sultanate, Superpower, Terra, Terra firma, Terrain, The country, Three-mile limit, Toparchia, Toparchy, Topsoil, Town, Township, Tract, Turf, Twelve-mile limit, Vantage, Vicinage, Vicinity, Village, Walk, Wapentake, Ward, Wide-open spaces, Wilderness, Woodland, Zone, Area of interest, Field of interest, Field, Interest, Speciality, Territory, Province, Preserve, Area of land, Area, Region, Enclave

How to use Territory in a sentence?

  1. The government was prepared to give up the nuclear weapons on its territory.
  2. The contentious territory of clinical standards.
  3. Id only been home for five months, having been living in the hills of the Northern Territories in Canada before this trip.

Meaning of Territory & Territory Definition

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