Terrário Para Hamster

Terrário Para Hamster

How to make a terrarium for hamsters?

Strengthening the Terrarium for Rodents ایک A real aquarium made of glass. Since I'm using water, I don't need to be as thick as an aquarium. Or the size depends on what you want to keep, the size is suitable for serious یدہ X 40X25 core, this media also includes juice box (AS). It leaves less than fifty. TB is used before lifting plastic crates, long peas and clean faces or houses are sold.

It must have exercise wheels (it has my own wheels for terrarium, trapper type), feeder, bluff and drinker. With the latter, you can hang your hair like a wire or string from the inside, like a fork or even a suction cup for a glass-made percussion. There are people who use it near and near water, but they have to change it to wet their hair less than twice a day, because there is too much in bed or indoors.

Pay close attention to the opening, it does not look perfect or ideal, unless the terrarium is long (even if the patient is a little attractive, if there is something in the terrarium and tempting in the forum). The lid is easy to make with aluminum squad or ERA-RIPA and with wire fabric.

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Ara Army waves for hamsters

enti ventilated and easy to clean.

It is true that the distance between rods (which should be vertical) is less than or equal to 1.25 cm to prevent the hamster from falling.

Prefer it with a plastic cup, it's on the bottom and, embedded in a piece of wire, clean peas, and your honey or wire is in contact with the rotten floor.

Hamster waves should be prepared with cobrando or tea with era chips and with practice material to make hamster nan.

The waves should be kept out of the stream in direct sunlight.

At the same time, it should be semi-spiritual, and hamsters would appreciate putting some kind of ingredients on the shaft as well as making some fresh ingredients.

Glass or plastic area

They are very easy to clean if lined with sawdust.

You may have problems with certain types of drinking water sources.

They are just ordinary but cheap, like everyone else can meet, and cool place or transport l. A good option.

Of course there is very good ventilation, and if necessary do not make small terra rivers (made of plastic) with hot wire.

Maid's place

Who doesn't want to spend more on salvation?

Pay attention to my escort to create content. Don't use a cardboard box, itchy floor or anything like that, but your hamster will turn into a rhubarb.

A plastic or glass container can be a good choice, especially a red lid, and will be taller or longer to stop the gas (hair less than 20cm from the freckle, but longer than the hamster).

The recipient must have less than 20 cm of hair with a compression of 30 cm.

Or what is a region?

Terrário Para Hamster