Termofren Gotas

Termofren Gotas

Does your child need a thermocouple? Is it beautiful ۔

My black kid can't take XQ PARACETAMOL because he disliked it. Buy thermopheres with SR in raspberries or strawberries. And I tried and it was bad. Do you try with your child? Do you have Tempera in Argentina? Because it was recommended for MUC.

Yes, my kids took it and drank it, delicious, I recommend it.

This was my little girl, I thought I was too fat, I changed ibupirac, I felt like a fool, because now I gave chewable ibupireta ... auction!

If the medicine does not taste good, I have a sip of water in my hand and ask me to take it after taking the medicine. At first he didn't like this method because he was an adult and he said to himself, Mom, water, water, peace :)

NS! Romer's thermophene, as you said, highly recommended sir, I don't remember, it must be a banana with another, those romers always give priority to women

Yes sent to Argentina! You can buy it at any pharmacy and give it in the form of two drops per kg like other paracetamol!

Another recommended drop of taffyrol is strawberries.


My daughter has several drops of paracetamol and thermostat, they prescribe it for fever or pain, the amount depends on the weight of the baby. I spoon or take with me, who likes medicine? That is, they almost always vomit something.

Termofren Gotas