Definition of Terminal:

  1. The data input and output device consists of a monitor (screen), keyboard, mouse or touch screen. This is where the user logs in and connects to the computer or website on the network. The three basic types of terminals are: (1) silent terminal - has no internal data processing function to send and receive data, (2) smart terminal - has limited data processing functions and (3) terminal Intelligent: Thanks to the processor and internal memory, it has extensive data processing functions.

  2. The end of the train line or other route or transport station at this point.

  3. (Diseases) that can cause death, especially those that cannot be cured slowly.

  4. A device in which the user enters data or commands to a computer system and displays the received output.

  5. Isolated from, in shape or end or at the end of something.

  6. Another term for the term (meaning 3 in the name).

  7. Used to complete the connection point circuit.

Synonyms of Terminal

Pause, Connection, Switchback, Frontier, Resting place, Close juncture, Lag, Irreformable, End-stage, Feeder, Slipping away, Slipping, Period, Untreatable, Monitor, Output device, Limbic, Peroration, Keyboard, Determinative, Crowning, Limitable, Going, Endmost, Fringing, Past praying for, Line, Near death, Roadway, Turnout, Moribund, Ultimate, Elevated, Position, End, Juncture, Completory, Completive, Irrecoverable, Station stop, Screen, Z, Terminus, Irrevocable, Ending, Culminating, End, Closing, Epilogue, Irredeemable, Clause boundary, Borderline, Light railroad, VDU, Determinant, Ceasing, Last words, Consummative, Horse railway, Unmitigable, Connector, Curtains, Last things, Apodosis, Limiting, Incurable, El, Irremediable, Rail, Electric railway, Hopeless, Littoral, Finality, Cog railway, Terminative, Feeder line, Trestle, Branch, Dying, Culmination, Last trumpet, Rail line, Finishing, Subway, Last stop, Completing, Falling terminal, Skirting, Stop, Haven, Term, Main line, Latest, Unsalvageable, Anchorage, Unrelievable, Beyond remedy, Lost, Beyond recall, Embankment, Marginal, CRT, Threshold, Railroad, Curtain, Stopping place, Doom, Siding, Immedicable, Coastal, Liminal, Elevated railway, Stage, Expiring, Irreclaimable, Inoperable, Last breath, Incurable, Eschatology, Control panel, Mortal, Swan song, Depot, Open juncture, Concluding, Terminable, Caudal, Rack-and-pinion railway, Limital, Deadly, Stopping place, Clause terminal, Denouement, Catastrophe, Low, Trunk line, Finish, Port, Undone, In extremis, Fulfilling, Windup, Junction, Street railway, Latter end, Eventual, Bad, Last gasp, Sidetrack, Finis, Crack of doom, Irreparable, Cable railway, Final words, Rising terminal, Module, Goal, Metro, Payoff, Cessation, Terminating, Fatal, Maximum, Expiration, Limit, Input device, Fate, Coupling, Gravity-operated railway, Roadbed, Consummation, Station, Tram, Final, Trunk, Incapable of life, Decease, Death, Harbor, Word boundary, Conductor, L, Underground, Given up, Final solution, End point, Streetcar line, Boundary, Incorrigible, Irreversible, Stop, Track, Hindmost, Despaired of, Sandhi, Destination, Bourn, Definitive, Rimming, Workstation, Farthest, Remediless, Halt, Quietus, Finale, Coda, Ruined, Envoi, Polar, Effect, Latter, Past hope, Bordering, Monorail, Rack railway, Facing death, Finalizing, Izzard, Extreme, Irretrievable, Tramline, Lethal, Wire, Trolley line, Stoppage, Nonviable, Sinking, Terminal point, Greatest, Gone, Termination, Bounding, Inoperable, Omega, Visual display unit, Cureless, Railway, Resolution, Destiny, Final twitch, Extreme, Unsalvable, Determining, In articulo mortis, Conclusive, Tube, Tail, PC, Last, Conclusion, Done for

How to use Terminal in a sentence?

  1. After the update, Karen was a little scared of her new computer terminal, but she quickly became accustomed to the new intuitive system and liked its speed.
  2. The representation of storks is common in calcareous art, ranging from terminal figures to complex and interconnected planets.
  3. End dates
  4. Battery terminal
  5. Every morning, intelligence analysts entered their computer terminals and gained access to the dictionary system.
  6. Terminal cancer.
  7. Luggage terminal
  8. I suggested that he use the terminal to access the root of the server, but he refrained from using the new program.
  9. John, before you go to lunch, you need to look at the note in the table next to your terminal for instructions on how to update it.

Meaning of Terminal & Terminal Definition

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