Terminal Coverage

Terminal Coverage,

How To Define Terminal Coverage?

Protection from damage to vehicles parked or parked in public places This protection is supported by an organization that would otherwise insure itself against the risk of physical damage to the vehicle, but many vehicles parked Or wants to protect himself from the huge losses he incurs.

Literal Meanings of Terminal Coverage


Meanings of Terminal:
  1. Isolated from shape, or at the end, or at the end of something.

  2. (Diseases) that can cause death, especially those that cannot be cured slowly.

  3. The end of the train line or other route or transport station at this point.

  4. Used to complete the connection point circuit.

  5. A device in which the user enters data or commands for a computer system and displays the received output.

  6. Another term for the term (meaning of the name 3)

Sentences of Terminal
  1. deadline

  2. Terminal cancer

  3. Luggage terminal

  4. Battery terminal

  5. Every morning, intelligence analysts entered their computer terminals and gained access to the dictionary system.

  6. The representation of storks is common in stellar art and ranges from terminal figures to complex and interconnected planets.

Synonyms of Terminal

station stop, halt, stopping place, extreme, output device, visual display unit, end, end-stage, inoperable, VDU, incurable, PC, stop, workstation, input device, stage, untreatable