Term Deposit

Term Deposit,

How To Define Term Deposit?

  1. Fixed term deposits are fixed term investments where money is deposited in an account in a financial institution. Time variations usually vary from one month to several years, and the minimum reserves vary.

    • A fixed term deposit is a type of deposit account that is kept in a financial institution and the money is blocked for a certain period of time.
    • Time deposits are usually short-term reserves with maturity of one month to several years.
    • Time deposits usually offer higher interest rates than traditional liquid savings accounts, which customers can use to withdraw their money at any time.

Literal Meanings of Term Deposit


Meanings of Term:
  1. Enter a descriptive name to be called by a specific name.

  2. Words or phrases Words used to describe something or to express an idea, especially in a particular language or field of study.

  3. A fixed or limited period during which something, such as an offense, imprisonment or investment, is to continue or continue.

  4. The year, school, college or university, when there is study or progress in a court, takes place at every time of the year, with holidays or vacations.

  5. The terms under which action may be taken or certain agreements or terms may be concluded.

  6. Any amount of ratio, series or mathematical expression.

  7. Another term for the term

Sentences of Term
  1. Called the father of modern theology

  2. Music term "litmotio"

  3. The president is elected for a four-year term

  4. Summer semester

  5. Only your path can be handled

  6. A geometric series is defined as a permanent relationship between successive terms.

Synonyms of Term

requisite, style, session, stint, condition, entitle, proviso, duration, describe as, specification, prerequisite, tag, precondition, designate, call, label, idiom, locution, provision, spell, word, time, period, period of time, dub, turn of phrase, phrase, length of time, title


Meanings of Deposit:
  1. Usually informally drop or drop (something or someone) at a particular place.

  2. Save or give to someone who will save you

  3. Usually the amount of money deposited or kept in a bank account for interest.

  4. The purchase of an item will be paid as the first installment or as a contract guarantee, with the remaining amount due later.

  5. Layers or bodies of accumulated matter.

  6. Put something in a special place.

Sentences of Deposit
  1. Place a stack of books on the kitchen table

  2. A safe place where guests can keep valuables

  3. Money that is a bank deposit or mortgage alternative.

  4. We save a lot to pay for the house

  5. Chromium salt deposits

  6. Submitting an article in a library does not guarantee copyright protection.

Synonyms of Deposit

rest, set down, prepayment, advance payment, part payment, sit, unload, sediment, lay down, lay, sublimate, set, settle, put down, put, security, place, retainer, down payment, instalment, pledge, accumulation, stake