Definition of Tenement:

  1. The word "tenement" historically meant any type of permanent residential property used for rental purposes. It could refer to houses, land and other buildings, as well as the rights attached to this property. In Scotland, the word is still used mainly in this way, especially when referring to a multi-occupancy building. The word is also used in this way for some legal purposes. For example, a "dominant tenement" is an estate with the benefit of an easement, while a "servient tenement" is an estate that is subject to the burden of an easement.

  2. Real property held for freehold or leased tenure, and utilized usually for dwelling. See also tenements.

  3. A piece of land held by an owner.

  4. A room or a set of rooms forming a separate residence within a house or block of apartments.

  5. A tenement can refer to any sort of multi-occupancy residential rental building. However, in the U.S. it is typically associated with low-income communities and crowded, run-down, or low-quality living conditions. Tenement buildings date back to the growth of the industrial revolution and the sudden influx of people moving to cities, but today may be associated with slums, inner-city housing, or low-income housing projects.

Synonyms of Tenement

Augean stables, Acres, Apartment, Apartment house, Chambers, Chattels real, Cold-water flat, Condominium, Cooperative apartment house, Demesne, Domain, Dump, Duplex, Duplex apartment, Duplex house, Flat, Flats, Garden apartment, Grounds, High-rise apartment building, Hole, Honor, Hovel, Land, Landed property, Lands, Lodgings, Lot, Lots, Manor, Messuage, Parcel, Penthouse, Pesthole, Pigpen, Pigsty, Plague spot, Plat, Plot, Praedium, Property, Quadrat, Railroad flat, Real estate, Real property, Realty, Rental, Rookery, Rooms, Set of rooms, Slum, Stable, Sty, Suite, Tenements, The slums, Toft, Warren

How to use Tenement in a sentence?

  1. Tenements first arose during the industrial revolution in the U.S. and Europe as poorer people from the country flowed into cities in search of factory work and needed some place to live.
  2. The flat was part of a refurbished block of tenements that belonged to a housing co-operative.
  3. A tenement typically refers to low-income housing units that are characterized by high-occupancy and below-average conditions.
  4. Tenements have been characterized as having many people living under the same roof in squalid conditions.

Meaning of Tenement & Tenement Definition