Definition of Tenant:

  1. A person who occupies land or property rented from a landlord.

  2. Entity that (1) occupies or possesses a property by any type of claim, right, or title, or (2) pays periodic rent for a temporary right to occupy, possess, and/or use a property; the right having been granted by the property owner (landlord) through a lease or tenancy agreement.

  3. Occupy (property) as a tenant.

Synonyms of Tenant

Occupant, Resident, Inhabitant, Live in, Inhabit, Be the tenant of, Tenant, Lodge in, Be ensconced in, Be established in, Ensconce oneself in, Establish oneself in, Take up residence in, Make ones home in, Settle in, Move into, Abide, Addressee, Artist-in-residence, Berth, Board-and-roomer, Boarder, Bunk, Cohabit, Denizen, Domicile, Domiciliate, Doss down, Dwell, Dweller, Habitant, Hang out, Hirer, Homesteader, House detective, Incumbent, Inhabit, Inhabitant, Inhabiter, Inmate, Inpatient, Intern, Leaseholder, Lessee, Live, Live-in maid, Locum tenens, Lodge, Lodger, Nest, Occupant, Occupier, Occupy, Paying guest, People, Perch, Populate, Remain, Renter, Reside, Residencer, Resident, Resident physician, Residentiary, Resider, Room, Roomer, Roost, Sojourner, Squat, Squatter, Stay, Sublessee, Subtenant, Tenant at sufferance, Tenant for life, Transient, Transient guest, Underlessee

How to use Tenant in a sentence?

  1. The house was tenanted by his cousin.
  2. Council-house tenants.

Meaning of Tenant & Tenant Definition