What is The Meaning of Tenancy?

  • Tenancy can be defined as, A lease is a contract where the owner of the property leases to the tenant as part of a legally binding agreement. The owner of the property is called the laser and the one who pays the rent is called the laser. Most rental tenants from time to time to maintain exclusive use of the property. From time to time money pays a certain amount. It is important to note that landlord's insurance does not usually cover the tenant's personal belongings. Tenant insurance covers vacancies and usually includes additional coverage such as liability insurance.

Meanings of Tenancy

  1. Land or landowner as a tenant.

Sentences of Tenancy

  1. Holding took ownership of the farm

Synonyms of Tenancy

possession, occupancy, possession , occupation, ■■■■■■ of occupancy, occupation , ownership , occupancy , habitation, residence, holding, holding , ■■■■■■ of occupation