Temporary Workers

Temporary Workers,

What is The Meaning of Temporary Workers?

The definition of Temporary Workers is: Employees who do not have a permanent job, but only for a limited time

Literal Meanings of Temporary Workers


Meanings of Temporary:
  1. For a limited time only, it is not permanent.

  2. A person who works temporarily is usually an office worker who gets a job through an agency.

Sentences of Temporary
  1. Temporary employment

  2. To gain flexibility, companies turn to temporary workers or outsourced jobs.

Synonyms of Temporary

interim, short-term, non-permanent


Meanings of Workers:
  1. People who do a certain kind of work or work in a certain way.

  2. Someone who does something special.

  3. Bees, wasps, ants or other socially neutral or backward insects, many of which perform basic functions in the colony.

Sentences of Workers
  1. An agricultural worker

  2. He is a fake miracle worker

  3. Polybia incident workers engage in social cutting with their nests.