Temporary Total Disability

Temporary Total Disability,

What is Temporary Total Disability?

  1. One of the four departments for employee compensation disability. This level of disability reflects injuries, which temporarily make workers completely unable to perform their duties. Employees are expected to fully recover and return to work. In the meantime, the usual compensation is a percentage of the weekly wage until the employee returns to work.

  2. The term describes the condition of a person who is unable to function due to an injury, but is expected to recover fully.

  3. Temporary Total Disability refers to Complete temporary disability is an injury or illness that paralyzes a person at a particular time and temporarily. The difference between total temporary disability and total disability is appropriate for employee compensation claims.

Literal Meanings of Temporary Total Disability


Meanings of Temporary:
  1. Someone who works temporarily, usually an office worker who gets a job through an agent.

  2. This is for a limited time only, it is not permanent.

Sentences of Temporary
  1. To gain flexibility, companies hire temporary workers or outsourcers

  2. Temporary employment

Synonyms of Temporary

short-term, non-permanent, interim


Meanings of Total:
  1. Amount up to

  2. Irreparable damage (something, usually a vehicle).

  3. The whole number or combination of something.

  4. This includes the whole number or quantity.

  5. Absolutely absolute

Sentences of Total
  1. Ended up with a loan of ، 6,260

  2. Make a total of 33 points

  3. Total cost 4,000

  4. foreigner

Synonyms of Total

comprehensive, wreck, utter, damage beyond repair, all-out, infinite, overall, prize, gross, perfect, smash, positive, make, downright, limitless, full, unmitigated, absolute, demolish, mount up to, composite, entire, veritable, whole, thorough, out-and-out


Sentences of Disability
  1. Pay for equipment and vacations to improve the lives of physically and mentally handicapped children in the York area.

Synonyms of Disability

complaint, ailment, condition, dysfunction, disorder, affliction, disease, illness, malady