Definition of Temporally:

  1. With regard to time.

  2. In a way that relates to worldly as opposed to spiritual affairs.

  3. In a certain order, with regards to time. The term describes how things are related to each other in terms of time. I thought the two events that I wanted to attend were at the same time, but I later found out they were temporally arranged, which meant that I could attend one and then the other without missing anything..

How to use Temporally in a sentence?

  1. You may need to put a project on hold temporally until your company has adequate means to start it up again.
  2. The Pope claimed not only to be our spiritual head, but also temporally to have preeminence.
  3. The organization of the processes was temporally planned and executed which reaped dividends for the departmental production this new year.
  4. I wa glad that the bands were ordered temporally and I would be able to see both of them without any problems at all.
  5. Habitat quality can vary temporally.

Meaning of Temporally & Temporally Definition