Definition of Tempering:

  1. Act as a neutralizing or counterbalancing force to (something).

  2. Improve the hardness and elasticity of (steel or other metal) by reheating and then cooling it.

  3. Process of toughening a material (such as glass), metal (such as cast iron), or an alloy (such as steel) to make it more resistant to stress by (1) heating it to a particular temperature, (2) maintaining it at that temperature for a particular duration, and (3) cooling it rapidly to normal temperature at a particular rate. Opposite of annealing. Not to be confused with tampering.

  4. A persons state of mind seen in terms of their being angry or calm.

  5. Tune (a piano or other instrument) so as to adjust the note intervals correctly.

  6. The degree of hardness and elasticity in steel or other metal.

Synonyms of Tempering

Moderate, Modify, Modulate, Temperament, Disposition, Nature, Character, Personality, Make-up, Constitution, Mind, Spirit, Stamp, Mettle, Mould, Abatement, Abating, Ability, Aging, Allaying, Allayment, Alleviating, Alleviation, Arteriosclerosis, Assuagement, Assuaging, Atherosclerosis, Background, Blaseness, Blunting, Calcification, Callusing, Calming, Capability, Case hardening, Chastening, Chisel temper, Competence, Competency, Concretion, Condition, Cornification, Crystallization, Cushioning, Dampening, Damping, Dash, Deadening, Demulsion, Development, Die temper, Diminishing, Diminution, Dulcification, Dulling, Easing, Experience, Falling-off, Firming, Fitness, Fittedness, Fortification, Fossilization, Granulation, Hardening, Hardness scale, Heat treating, Hint, Hornification, Hushing, Indenter, Induration, Infusion, Inkling, Intimation, Invigoration, Lapidification, Leniency, Lessening, Letdown, Letup, Lightening, Lithification, Loosening, Lulling, Mastery, Maturation, Maturescence, Maturity, Mellowing, Mitigating, Mitigation, Modulation, Mollification, Ossification, Pacification, Palliation, Past experience, Petrifaction, Petrification, Practical knowledge, Practice, Precipitation hardening, Preparedness, Proficiency, Qualification, Quietening, Quieting, Razor temper, Readiness, Reducing, Reduction, Refreshment, Reinforcement, Reinvigoration, Relaxation, Relaxing, Remission, Restrengthening, Revivification, Ripeness, Ripening, Sagacity, Sauce, Saw file temper, Sclerosis, Seasoning, Senescence, Set temper, Setting, Shade, Slackening, Smack, Softening, Solidification, Soothing, Sophistication, Soupcon, Spice, Spindle temper, Sprinkling, Steeling, Stiffening, Strengthening, Subduement, Subduing, Suggestion, Suitability, Suitableness, Suitedness, Suspicion, Taint, Temper, Thought, Tinct, Tincture, Tinge, Tint, Tool temper, Touch, Toughening, Trace, Tranquilization, Trim, Vestige, Vitrifaction, Vitrification, Worldly wisdom

How to use Tempering in a sentence?

  1. He rushed out in a very bad temper.
  2. The blade rapidly heats up and the metal loses its temper.
  3. Their idealism is tempered with realism.
  4. The technician is trained on tempering the piano for tuning.
  5. The way a smith would temper a sword.

Meaning of Tempering & Tempering Definition