Definition of Temper:

  1. A persons state of mind seen in terms of their being angry or calm.

  2. Metal characteristic associated with its hardness and stiffness. See tempering for details.

  3. Act as a neutralizing or counterbalancing force to (something).

  4. Tune (a piano or other instrument) so as to adjust the note intervals correctly.

  5. Improve the hardness and elasticity of (steel or other metal) by reheating and then cooling it.

  6. The degree of hardness and elasticity in steel or other metal.

Synonyms of Temper

Irish, Abate, Adjust, Adjust to, Allay, Alleviate, Alter, Anger, Animus, Anneal, Appease, Aptitude, Assuage, Atmosphere, Attain majority, Attemper, Attribute, Aura, Bad temper, Balance, Bank the fire, Be tough, Beef up, Bent, Besprinkle, Bias, Bloom, Blunt, Body-build, Box in, Brace, Brace up, Brand, Breathe, Brew, Buttress, Calcify, Callous, Calmness, Case harden, Cast, Character, Characteristic, Characteristics, Chasten, Chisel temper, Churlishness, Circumscribe, Climate, Color, Come of age, Come to maturity, Complexion, Composition, Composure, Condition, Confirm, Conniption, Constituents, Constitution, Constrain, Control, Cool, Coolness, Cornify, Crasis, Cue, Curb, Cushion, Damp, Dampen, Dander, De-emphasize, Deaden, Decoct, Develop, Dharma, Diathesis, Die temper, Dilute, Diminish, Disposition, Downplay, Dredge, Drift, Dull, Dye, Ease, Eccentricity, Endure, Entincture, Equanimity, Ethos, Extenuate, Fiber, Fierce temper, Fiery temper, Firm, Firmness, Fit, Flavor, Fledge, Flower, Fortify, Fossilize, Frame, Frame of mind, Fury, Genius, Gird, Grain, Grow, Grow up, Habit, Hang tough, Harden, Hardness, Hardness scale, Heart, Heat treating, Hedge, Hedge about, Hot blood, Hot temper, Hotheadedness, Hue, Huffishness, Humor, Humors, Idiosyncrasy, Ilk, Ill humor, Ill temper, Imbrue, Imbue, Impregnate, Inclination, Indenter, Individualism, Individuality, Indurate, Infiltrate, Infuse, Instill, Invigorate, Irascibility, Ire, Irritability, Irritable temper, Keep within bounds, Kidney, Kind, Lapidify, Lay, Leaning, Leave the nest, Leaven, Lenify, Lessen, Lighten, Limit, Lithify, Make, Makeup, Mature, Mellow, Mental set, Mettle, Mind, Mind-set, Mitigate, Moderate, Modify, Modulate, Mold, Mollify, Mood, Morale, Narrow, Nature, Nerve, Note, Obtund, Orientation, Ossify, Outburst, Outlook, Pacify, Paddy, Palliate, Passion, Peculiarity, Peevishness, Penetrate, Permeate, Personality, Pervade, Petrify, Petulance, Physique, Play down, Posture, Precipitation hardening, Predilection, Predisposition, Preference, Proclivity, Prop, Propensity, Property, Qualify, Quality, Rage, Razor temper, Reach manhood, Reach twenty-one, Reach voting age, Reduce, Reduce the temperature, Refresh, Regulate by, Reinforce, Reinvigorate, Relax, Restrain, Restrengthen, Restrict, Ripen, Sang-froid, Saturate, Saw file temper, Season, Self-control, Self-possession, Set, Set conditions, Set limits, Set temper, Settle down, Shore up, Short temper, Slacken, Slant, Slow down, Smother, Sober, Sober down, Soften, Solidity, Somatotype, Soothe, Sort, Soundness, Spindle temper, Spirit, Spirits, Spunkiness, Stability, Stamp, State, State of mind, Staunchness, Steel, Steep, Stiffen, Stifle, Stoutness, Strain, Streak, Strengthen, Stripe, Sturdiness, Style, Subdue, Suchness, Suffuse, Support, Suppress, Surliness, Sustain, System, Tame, Tantrum, Temper tantrum, Temperament, Tempering, Tendency, Tenor, Timbre, Tincture, Tinge, Toga virilis, Tone, Tone down, Tool temper, Toughen, Transfuse, Trend, Tune down, Turn, Turn of mind, Twist, Type, Undergird, Underplay, Vein, Vitrify, Volatility, Warm temper, Warp, Wax, Way, Weaken, Moderate, Modify, Modulate, Temperament, Disposition, Nature, Character, Personality, Make-up, Constitution, Mind, Spirit, Stamp, Mettle, Mould

How to use Temper in a sentence?

  1. The technician is trained on tempering the piano for tuning.
  2. Their idealism is tempered with realism.
  3. The way a smith would temper a sword.
  4. The blade rapidly heats up and the metal loses its temper.
  5. He rushed out in a very bad temper.

Meaning of Temper & Temper Definition