Telminha O Clone

Telminha O Clone

Or a novel or a clone, as the music says, in any chapter where the first queen is talked about at night. ۔

The first is that he loves her and says that when I logged in he couldn't get into her heart,

I want to know or not please give me a song! It is worth answering ...

Look no further or I know exactly what the song is about, but here are three voices of romance, I will definitely tell you the song you are trying to make.

National clone

1. Marriage Marcus Vienna (written by Lucas E)

2. My Great Love (C to Mime) Lara Fan (Mesa Theme)

Love in the Afternoon - League Ur o Urbana (Theme Degos)

4. No Balanio do Bozo £ o € € "Milton Adelberto (quote)

5. EscÃÂ ndalo - Caetano Veloso (Subject Xande)

6. Alma - Zulia Duncan (written by Clarice)

7. Sad - Nana Cammi (UVET - Subject)

8. Modernity - Lulu (Cceu, Nando, Telminha and Mel articles)

9.Eu only in Sei Amar - Zizi Possi (subject Edna)

10. Alto Láà € ca Zeca Pain (Subject Goddess and Edvaldo)

11. In the Dark - Marina Lima (Theme Carla)

12. The Silence of the Stars Lenin (Alarm Theme)

13. o Sac "Holy Heart of the Earth (Opening Subject)

14. Letters from Marcus Vienna and the Transfonica Orchestra (written by Lucas E.)

Or international clones.

1. For All Love (The Mirage) - Michael Bolton (Lucas and Theme)

2. I gave him MI Gran Amor (and I love it) - Jose Alberto - El Canario à (Theme by Yuvet)

3. Luna - Alessandro Safina (Theme by Yuvet and Leonidas)

4. Adargul (in that spirit) Abdullah (Subject Latifa and Muhammad)

5. r ah Gi (Nathalie) - Ajda Pekkan (ra writer)

6. Desert Rose - Stinger (called Theme)

7. My Favorite Dado (Subject Mail)

8. Anytime Anywhere - Shakira (Carlisle Subject)

9. Ulam Allah - Amr Deeb (Zain Theme)

10. Iyer's Brands - Adriana Mazdari (Lion Theme)

11. I Want Love - Elton John (by Cecio and Amalia)

12. Melodrama - Andrea Boselli (Anita Thema)

13. Noor-ul-Ain - "Amr Deeb (Central Theme of Muslim)

14 Nights - Sarah Brightman (Sumira Theme)

15. Aziz Alia - Tony Mosaic (Muslim main topic)

16. My Friend Guru Ara (Location or Subject: Nephiri)

17. Arga Badma (from)

18. Things Marie-Aires (Location or Theme: Rio de Janeiro)

19 Wonders - J.


Or a belly dance mailer.

1. Dear Alia - Tony Mosaic.

2. ورال الججر - L'Ensemble Arabe Mousayek (written by Lucas e)

3. Mubarak - Gazelle Bomentary.

4. Or Hello or Zen Tony Mosaic.

5. Transformed Orchestra (Wave's Music Dance)

6. Litsadigoi Tony Mosaic.

7. Sacred Dance by Transfenica Orchestra and Marcus Vienna.

8. Shams So Sahara The Holy Heart of the Earth.

9. Or Hub Ta Wing Gas Bomentary.

10. Caps Marks Vienna and Transfenica Orchestra.

11. Laguetek Tony Mouzayek

Amri Gazelle Bomentary.

13. Safe Dance of Isis 2 Transf´nica Orchestra and Markus Viana.

14. Zhama or Dunya Tony Mosaic

1 bath

2. Marriage (Install) (Lucas E Subject)

3. Prayer or morning.


5. Area.

6. Aspel (Birthday theme)

7. Explain VÃ © us (VÃ © u theme)

8 Enter the two worlds.

9. Second school.

10. Jura da Alma.

11. Spiritual.

12th sister.

13. Travel on the Holy River

14 chips.

15 Praise the sun

16 Kana MacTube.

17 The sacred dance of Assis.

18. The spirit of the desert.

19. Twelve of Ra.

20 Third letter.

21st floor.

The song is called Desert Rose by Sting.

Or clone music.

Telminha O Clone