Definition of Teller:

  1. A person who works in a bank to process a customer's transaction.

  2. An employee of a bank or similar institution whose job it is to meet the banking needs of bank customers, for example: to deposit or withdraw a check. Most banks are located behind the counter desk or bank office and communicate with customers through this barrier. Numerous banks have implemented a retransmission system that can help callers with their customers' banking needs without leaving a car.

  3. The man specifically referred to the counting of votes in the legislature.

  4. Someone who said something.

Synonyms of Teller

Cashier, Banking executive, Discounter, Investment banker, Bank manager, Bank clerk, Bank president, Information medium, Notifier, Grapevine, Mouthpiece, Authority, Communicant, Radio, Clerk, Money dealer, Publisher, Narrator, Spokesman, Announcer, Tout, Gossipmonger, Communicator, Witness, Raconteur, Tipster, Public relations officer, Source, Money broker, Reporter, Loan officer, Adviser, Cashier, Trust officer, Informant, Bank clerk, Moneylender, Information center, Raconteuse, Note broker, Press, Annunciator, Newsmonger, Informer, Money changer, Enlightener, Cambist, Moneymonger, Bank officer, Bill broker, Banker, Television, Expert witness, Channel, Monitor, Interviewee

How to use Teller in a sentence?

  1. But the only jobs that banks have for women are cashiers and secretaries.
  2. The cashier counts all the votes received by the candidate.
  3. An utter liar.
  4. If the cashier accidentally gives you a lot of money, you should do the right thing and return it.
  5. The bank employee who left my money and check was very helpful in informing me of the new credit cards available.
  6. My sister is a cashier at the bank and often comes home excited about managing her day and money.

Meaning of Teller & Teller Definition