Definition of Teleconference:

  1. A conference with participants in different locations linked by telecommunications devices.

  2. Meeting conducted by use of telephones or cell phones without requiring attendees to be physically present in the same physical area. Teleconferences are usually of a business nature and may require a facilitator or party leader to lead the meeting. They are useful for companies operating in multiple locations or in various countries where not all members can be physically present in the same location.

How to use Teleconference in a sentence?

  1. You should have a teleconference with people that you do business with that live far away so you can get a better connection to them.
  2. We would be having a teleconference that day that would involve me, the boss and another guy that was involved with the company.
  3. The teleconference provided a stage for all parties to voice their concerns in a team centered environment where everyone could participate.
  4. Developers are spread out over various geographical locations and weekly teleconferences are set up to discuss ongoing development issues.

Meaning of Teleconference & Teleconference Definition