Definition of Telecommuting:

  1. Substitution of telecommunications for transportation in a decentralized and flexible work arrangement which allows part or full time employees to work at home via a computer attached to the employers data network. Telecommuting is suitable for well defined and well structured routine jobs with clear and fixed goals, and not for complex jobs with fuzzy or fluid objectives requiring personal contact. The term was coined by the US aerospace engineer Jack Nilles in 1973 and popularized by the author Francis Kinsman in his 1987 book The Telecommuter. Called telework in Europe.

How to use Telecommuting in a sentence?

  1. Using telecommuting , I can work from my house, or anywhere with internet access, and almost never have to go into the office.
  2. For some jobs you may allow your workers to use telecommuting if they dont feel like heading into the office that day.
  3. Sometimes allowing your employees to use telecommuting from home can help promote a happier work environment for your staff to keep up moral.

Meaning of Telecommuting & Telecommuting Definition