Definition of Technocracy:

  1. The government or control of society or industry by an elite of technical experts.

  2. An example of a technocrat could be a central banker who is a trained economist who follows a set of rules that apply to empirical data.

  3. Society which is neither a democracy nor a bureaucracy because the real power has shifted from the elected representatives and bureaucrats to technocrats (engineers, managers, scientists). The term was coined by the US engineer William Henry Smyth (1855-1940) in 1919 and popularized by James Burham (1905-87) in his 1941 book Managerial Revolution..

  4. A technocracy is an ideology or form of government wherein decision-makers are chosen for office based on their technical expertise and background. A technocracy differs from a traditional democracy in that individuals elected to a leadership role are chosen through a process that emphasizes their relevant skills and proven performance, as opposed to whether or not they fit the majority interests of a popular vote. The individuals that occupy such positions in a technocracy are known as 'technocrats.'.

How to use Technocracy in a sentence?

  1. If you are living in a technocracy you will need to find ways to make the political landscape work for you.
  2. A technocracy is an ideological stance whereby government officials or policymakers, known as technocrats, are chosen due to their technical skills or expertise in a specific domain.
  3. Critics complain that technocracy is undemocratic and disregards the will of the people.
  4. Failure in the war on poverty discredited technocracy.
  5. The United States of America is no longer a democracy or a capitalist society, it is now completely and unequivocally a technocracy .
  6. Decisions made by technocrats are meant to be based on information derived from data and objective methodology rather than opinion.
  7. I was a supporter of a technocracy , but I had a feeling the same type f power structure would emerge from it.

Meaning of Technocracy & Technocracy Definition