Technique Of Operations Review (TOR) System

Technique Of Operations Review (TOR) System,

Technique Of Operations Review (TOR) System Meanings:

  • Theories and accident control theory, according to which shortcomings in management and inspection are the root cause of work accidents and occupational diseases. Eliminating administrative shortcomings will eliminate most accidents. A clear definition of duties and responsibilities with appropriate reference references in control methods, improvements to safety work processes, elimination of workplace disruptions, greater responsibility for all employees, and management and employees Includes more training.

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Meanings of Technique:
  1. The type of work to be done, especially the implementation of works of art or science.

Sentences of Technique
  1. New surgical techniques mean shorter hospital stays


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Sentences of Operations
  1. Limitations in market power function

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Meanings of TOR:
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  1. Glastonbury Tour

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  1. Rural railway system

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