Technical Indicator

Technical Indicator,

What is Technical Indicator?

  • Technical Indicator means, Technical indicators are signals based on the security or contract price, volume and / or horoscope or pattern generated by open contracts used by traders after technical analysis.

    • Technical analysis is a horoscope or mathematical calculation based on the price, volume or open contracts of a security or contract used by traders after a trade analysis.
    • Technical analysts or charters look for data on the historical value of assets in search of technical indicators to enter and exit the business.
    • There are many technical indicators that fall into two main categories: overlays and oscillators.

Literal Meanings of Technical Indicator


Meanings of Technical:
  1. In connection with a particular subject, art or profession or technique.

  2. Application of science and industry.

  3. Consequences of mechanical damage.

  4. Strictly follow or interpret the rules or regulations.

Sentences of Technical
  1. Technical term

  2. Extraordinary technical feats

  3. Technical issue

  4. The arrest was a technical violation of the agreement

Synonyms of Technical

practical, mechanical, applied, applying science, non-theoretical, scientific


Meanings of Indicator:
  1. Something, especially a trend or reality, that indicates the status or level of something.

  2. Pressure gauges or specific types of meters.

  3. Compounds that change color at a certain pH or in the presence of certain substances and can be used to monitor the progression of acidity, alcoholism or any reaction.

Sentences of Indicator
  1. Car ownership is often used as an indicator of wealth.

  2. Speedometer

  3. The remaining alkalis are treated with phenolphthalein as an indicator against the standard acid.

Synonyms of Indicator

dial, mark, scale, index, measure, barometer, gauge, signal, measuring instrument, display, meter, sign, measuring device