Definition of Teamwork:

  1. Joint action by a group of people, especially if it is effective and efficient.

  2. The process of working together with a group of people to achieve a goal.

    Teamwork is often an important part of a company because often, colleagues need to work well together and do their best in all situations. Teamwork means that despite personal conflicts between individuals, individuals try to use their individual abilities and work together to provide constructive feedback.

Synonyms of Teamwork

Coadministration, Commensalism, Fellowship, United action, Septet, Duet, Solidarity, Trio, Coadjuvancy, Mutual support, Coaction, Accord, Community, Ecumenicism, Pooling of resources, Synergism, Team spirit, Concert, Concord, Quintet, Synergy, Symbiosis, Esprit, Communitarianism, Cochairmanship, Cooperativeness, Fellow feeling, Give and take, Complicity, Synergy, Joining of forces, Mutuality, Coopetition, Duumvirate, Octet, Reciprocity, Bipartisanship, Coagency, Concord, Collectivism, Collusion, Joint operation, Morale, Common enterprise, Common effort, Liaison, Association, Joint action, Collaborativeness, Mutual assistance, Pulling together, Triumvirate, Partnership, Joint effort, Working together, Troika, Combined effort, Communalism, Concurrence, Mass action, Quartet, Codirectorship, Esprit de corps, Harmony, Pooling, Coordination, Cooperation, Compromise, Teamwork, Collaboration, Sextet, Ecumenism, Unity, Concordance, Ecumenicalism, Mutualism, Understanding, Concurrence, Collaboration, Communism

How to use Teamwork in a sentence?

  1. I have a good taste of teamwork in my group.
  2. It's always a good idea to use teamwork when working on a project to get the most ideas.
  3. I talked to my business partners and we worked so well together that we concluded that teamwork makes dreams come true.
  4. After the coach worked with his players to score five goals and win the game, he bought pizza for teamwork.

Meaning of Teamwork & Teamwork Definition