Te Pasas

Te Pasas

What do you mean in Spanish? ۔

I updated my Facebook relationship status in this regard. I wanted to know what you mean in Spanish. It's as if someone wrote hahaha, you stopped telling us that we are a couple. Will it be so good or bad? What do you mean by our relationship?

He says you crossed the line.

Edit: Don't worry ... It's not about you ... It's: What's wrong with you? (Not final)

If someone is joking but going too far and laughing at someone, they are saying that he is exaggerating.

Well, I think that's it ...

That means ... literally. That means you too hahaha.

If you say you have passed, it means you have gone too far and done too much.

I think that's because I've heard it that way.


Depending on the context

what's wrong with you? Does that mean something is wrong with you?

You've gone too far, you've gone too far (it's hard to translate the right sentence ...)

Te Pasas