Definition of TBD:

  1. To be determined or decided.

  2. To Be Determined. An abbreviation used for a detail that has not been decided yet, but will be determined in the future.

How to use TBD in a sentence?

  1. We received a notice from our business partner that said TBD which was not pleasant to see as we have not been communicating with them regularly.
  2. When you arent exactly sure how something will play out you can mark it as TBD so that everyone knows the end isnt certain.
  3. Our boss just sent out a memo to keep your schedule open for a department meeting on Friday morning but since we dont know when the VP is arriving from Houston yet, the time is TBD .
  4. The time is TBD, but were going to assume it will fall around 7 p.m.

Meaning of TBD & TBD Definition