Taxpayer Advocate

Taxpayer Advocate,

Taxpayer Advocate:

  • You can define Taxpayer Advocate as, The Taxpayer Advocacy Service is an independent IRS agency responsible for resolving issues that may arise between taxpayers and the IRS. Taxpayers provide free and confidential advice, guidance and representation. The IRS calls its legal voice service within the IRS. In every state, as well as in Washington DC, there is at least one taxpayer attorney. And Puerto Rico

  • IRS officers are responsible for helping people solve their problems with the IRS and pointing out changes in IRS procedures that make the agency more taxpayer friendly. This officer oversees IRS Diagnostic Officers (PROs) across the country. If you use regular IRS channels or worse, you should go to a PRO or possibly a lawyer.

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Sentences of Taxpayer
  1. Property taxpayer

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population, community, citizens, country, society, subjects, voters, people, electors, inhabitants, taxpayers, general public, nation, world, residents, citizenry, populace, electorate


Meanings of Advocate:
  1. Recommend or endorse the public.

  2. Someone who publicly supports or proposes a particular goal or policy.

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  1. Advocating ethical foreign policy

  2. The economy is a tireless advocate of economic reform

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campaign on behalf of, prescribe, proponent, uphold, upholder, patron, approve of, promote, recommend, exponent, endorse, support, champion, advise, commend, backer, vouch for, urge, speak for, favour, back, lobby for, press for, plead for, subscribe to, promoter, protector, argue for