Taxes Definition:

  1. Taxes are unannounced fees levied on individuals or corporations and are levied by local, regional or national authorities to finance government activities. In economics, taxes are levied on anyone who pays a tax burden, for example a taxable person.

  2. You can define Taxes as, Amounts received by people or property from government agencies to pay for government services

Meanings of Taxes

  1. Rehabilitation of bones or limbs was carried out only by manual pressure.

  2. The movement or direction of a cell, organism, or part in response to an external stimulus.

  3. Sequential order of language units (phonemes, morphemes, words, sentences or sentences).

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What is The Meaning of Taxes?

Taxes can be defined as, Taxes are involuntary fees charged by individuals or businesses and levied by local, regional or national agencies for government activities. In the economy, taxes are levied on anyone who pays the tax burden, whether it is a taxable legal entity, such as B. Company or the end user of the company's assets.

Meanings of Taxes

  1. Mandatory contribution to government revenue, which is taxed by the government on workers' income and company profits, or is included in the cost of certain goods, services and transactions.

  2. Make big demands on (someone's power or resources).

  3. Testing and review (case costs)

  4. Rehabilitation of bones or limbs that can only be moved by manual pressure.

  5. The movement or orientation of a cell, organism or component in response to an external stimulus.

  6. Organize language units (phonemes, morphemes, words, sentences or sentences) in linear order.

Sentences of Taxes

  1. Overload the reader's attention.

  2. Income is taxed at the highest rate.

  3. He knows that he must have his full strength in the coming test.

  4. Government employees who keep track of expenses.

Synonyms of Taxes

drain, tribute, tariff, arraign, impose a toll on, weigh heavily on, fatigue, bring charges against, indict, burden, impost, assess, sap, call to account, confront, charge, onus, care, obligation, impeach, censure, put a strain on, overwhelm


How Do You Define Taxes?

  1. Lea Uradu, JD, is a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Law, Maryland Registered Tax Advisor, State Certified Notary, VITA Certified Tax Advisor, IRS Annual Reporting Season Partner, Tax Writer, and Founder of LAW Tax Resolution Service. Lea has worked with foreigners and individual federal tax clients.

    • Taxes are mandatory contributions imposed by the government.
    • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) collects federal income tax in the United States.
    • There are many types of taxes, most of which are levied as a percentage of the conversion (for example, when generating revenue or completing sales).
    • Other forms of taxation, such as property taxes, are levied and maintained based on the value taken.
    • Understanding the tax situation can help taxpayers manage their finances to minimize the impact of taxes.

Meanings of Taxes

  1. The movement or orientation of a part in response to a cell, organism, or an external stimulus.

  2. Organized order of language units (phonemes, morphemes, words, sentences or sentences) in a linear order.

Synonyms of Taxes

encumber, charge duty on, tithe, enervate, empty, exact a tax on, contribution, weigh down, condemn, duty, weight, pressure, weary, encumbrance, push too far, assessment, incriminate, responsibility, blame, point the finger at, accuse, stretch