Taxable Estate

Taxable Estate,

Taxable Estate means,

  1. Taxable Estate refers to The federal government calculates property taxes.

Literal Meanings of Taxable Estate


Meanings of Taxable:
  1. Taxable

Sentences of Taxable
  1. Taxable income


Meanings of Estate:
  1. There are a lot of people in this country, usually big houses belonging to a person, family or organization.

  2. All the money and property of a person, especially after death.

  3. The class or order is considered part of the political party, especially one of the three groups in Parliament (in England), now the clergy (church head), the secular elite and the community house. It is also known as three domain names. A special class or category of people in society.

  4. A particular state, a specific period or a particular state of life.

Sentences of Estate
  1. The grandparents then moved to another house on their parents' farm and farmed their land as much as possible.

  2. Willingly, he divided his wealth between his wife and daughter.

  3. Unity is no longer the domain of the empire

  4. Human domain improvement programs

Synonyms of Estate

effects, stuff, circumstance, goods, things, wealth, lot, belongings, state, open space, capital, ground, open area, worth, chattels, fortune, possessions, position, property, holdings, riches, fields