Definition of Tax:

  1. Mandatory financial support to state revenue for government activities, pleasures, expenses, income, employment, benefits, property, etc., which is estimated and imposed. From individuals and organizations

Synonyms of Tax

Insinuate, Levy, Taunt with, Put on, Customs, Overweight, Bring accusation, Tax evasion, Impost, Charge, Contribution, Finger, Fag, Conscience money, Drain, Lade, Tax dodging, Reproach, Assessment, Scot, Put down, Impose upon, Cess, Weigh heavy on, Overexertion, Article, Freight with, Surtax, Burden with, Rack, Sweat blood, Enjoin, Strain, Bring to book, Rates, Direct tax, Overload, Overtaxing, Book, Notice, Prefer charges, Saddle, Claim, Burden, Complain, Burthen, Tariff, Overexercise, Weigh, Haul, Yoke with, Excise, Boodle, Warning, Overemphasis, Bring charges, Task, Ask, Set, Overreaching, Tribute, Inform on, Separate returns, Keep busy, Overdrive, Impose, Taxation, Report, Requirement, Put on report, Extortionate demand, Supererogation, Freight, Tax structure, Graduated taxation, Pork, Work, Fasten upon, Bear hard upon, Tense, Hang something on, Supertax, Draft, Indirect tax, Progressive tax, Overtask, Tax withholding, Put upon, Stick for, Tithe, Insistent demand, Weight down with, Stress, Impeach, Exhaust, Stretch, Overwork, Order, Joint return, Indent, Handicap, Pull, Sweat, Tax return, Impose on, Cargo, Imposition, Extortion, Fasten on, Weigh upon, Call, Weigh down, Heave, Pressure, Onus, Twit, Take to task, Press hard upon, Impute, Overimportance, Requisition, Overdoing, Cite, Overreaction, Lodge a plaint, Exact, Encumber, Overburden, Charge for, Lay charges, Assess, Tax base, Press charges, Tax exemption, Cumber, Overtax, Overuse, Taxable income, Make dutiable, Lay, Accuse, Indict, Subject to, Weigh on, Withholding tax, Pro rata, Giveaway, Nonnegotiable demand, Overexpenditure, Blackmail, Weight, Heavy demand, Saddle with, Duty, Overexert, Place, Require, Encumbrance, Prorate, Oppress, Hamper, Busy, Exaction, Inflict on, Inform against, Tax-exempt status, Allege, Strain every nerve, Toll, Tug, Denounce, Single tax, Inflict upon, Lay on, Pin on, Overstrain, Drive, Demand for, Press, Dues, Imply, Rush, Denunciate, Overextend, Lodge a complaint, Arraign, Overcarrying, Ultimatum, Call for, Rest hard upon, Try, Demand, Load, Put, Rush order, Taxing

How to use Tax in a sentence?

  1. Although most people do not want to pay extra to the government for the purchase of goods, this tax helps the city to pay for roads, buildings, etc.
  2. I didn't like the fact that I was taxed on what I bought and it bothered me, so I decided to return it.
  3. Although most people do not want to pay extra to the government when they buy something, this tax helps the city pay for roads, buildings, etc.

Meaning of Tax & Tax Definition