Tax-free Zone

Tax-free Zone,

Tax-free Zone Definition:

  1. Tax-free Zone means: In an area of ​​the country where import duties and other indirect taxes are not levied.

Literal Meanings of Tax-free Zone


Meanings of Tax:
  1. Mandatory contribution to state revenue that the government collects for workers' income and company profits or increases the cost of certain goods, services and transactions.

  2. Strict restrictions or demands.

  3. Increase taxes (on anything else)

  4. Strong demands (someone's power or resources)

  5. Facing a crime or offense (by someone).

  6. Investigation and evaluation (case cost)

Sentences of Tax
  1. Higher taxes reduce consumer spending

  2. Heavy tax on reader's attention

  3. Hardware and software are subject to 7.5% tax

  4. He knew that the next test would force all his strength

  5. Why are you accusing me of this meaningless accusation?

  6. Tax agents

Synonyms of Tax

levy, tariff, duty, toll, excise, impost, contribution, assessment, tribute, tithe, charge, fee, burden, load, weight, encumbrance, demand, strain, pressure, stress, drain, imposition


Meanings of Free:
  1. It is not under the control or authority of anyone else who is able to do or do as you wish.

  2. It is missing or blocked or no longer blocked.

  3. Bound or not bound.

  4. Dependent on or unaffected by them (some things, generally undesirable)

  5. Send or available for free.

  6. Wear or spend luxury without any restrictions

  7. (Literary style) Disobedience to strict rules of form.

  8. (Wind) is moving from the beneficial direction to the direction or shore of the ship.

  9. There is no commission or payment.

  10. With soft leaves

  11. Freedom from captivity, confinement or slavery.

Sentences of Free
  1. I have no desire but to live a happy and free life

  2. Researchers released the bird

  3. He spends his free time shopping

  4. Membership is free

  5. Free medical aid

  6. He is always free of his money

  7. Elliott thought there was no free verse for this lion who wanted to do a good job.

  8. We have free air, light air, but dark clouds begin to rise and sometimes light up without electricity.

  9. Admission is free for women

  10. I kept them out of the air and left for free until I came face to face

  11. You have been released from prison

Synonyms of Free

on the loose, at liberty, at large, unoccupied, not at work, not working, not busy, not tied up, between appointments, off duty, off work, off, on leave, unencumbered by, unaffected by, clear of, without, devoid of, lacking in, without charge


Meanings of Zone:
  1. An area or extension of land that has certain characteristics, purposes, uses or limitations.

  2. Ribbons or tapes around different colors, textures or letters.

  3. A belt or belts worn around one's body.

  4. Divide or assign zones.

  5. Rotate with or without ribbons or lines.

Sentences of Zone
  1. Pedestrian zone

  2. The "network" sclera is located on the back of the animal's body.

Synonyms of Zone

area, sector, section, belt, region, territory, tract, stretch, expanse, district, quarter, precinct, locality, neighbourhood, province, land, girdle, sash, strap, cummerbund