Tax Exempt Organizations

Tax Exempt Organizations,

How Do You Define Tax Exempt Organizations?

  1. Meaning of Tax Exempt Organizations: Government agencies (in the United States or the United States, United States, Texas, cities, special districts, or subdivisions of other states), religious, educational, and nonprofit organizations are considered exempt organizations. Cuba

Literal Meanings of Tax Exempt Organizations


Meanings of Tax:
  1. Mandatory contribution to government revenue that the government collects for workers' income and company profits, or increases the value of certain goods, services and transactions.

  2. Strict restrictions or demands.

  3. Tax collection on (someone else or something)

  4. Create demand requirements (power or resources)

  5. Facing someone's crime or offense.

  6. Investigation and evaluation (case cost)

Sentences of Tax
  1. Higher taxes will reduce consumer spending

  2. Heavy tax on reader's attention

  3. Hardware and software are subject to a 5 7.5 fee

  4. He knew that the next test would force all his strength

  5. Why are you accusing me of this meaningless accusation?

  6. Agents who charge tax rates

Synonyms of Tax

levy, tariff, duty, toll, excise, impost, contribution, assessment, tribute, tithe, charge, fee, burden, load, weight, encumbrance, demand, strain, pressure, stress, drain, imposition, levy a tax on, impose a toll on, charge duty on, exact a tax on, demand a tax on, stretch, put a strain on


Meanings of Exempt:
  1. Free from any liability or responsibility for third party.

  2. Free yourself (an individual or organization) from the responsibilities or obligations imposed on others.

  3. It is exempt from everything, including paying taxes.

Sentences of Exempt
  1. These patients are exempt from all fees

  2. They are exempt from paying taxes

  3. Therefore, the duties of journalists are not excluded from being excluded.

Synonyms of Exempt

free from, not liable to, not subject to


Meanings of Organizations:
  1. For example, a group of people organized for a specific purpose. B. Company or Ministry.

Sentences of Organizations
  1. Conference organization

Synonyms of Organizations

company, firm, concern, operation, corporation, institution, group, establishment, consortium, conglomerate, combine, syndicate, body, agency, federation, confederation, alliance, coalition, association, movement, society, league, club, network, confederacy, planning